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Worm Gear Jack for Scissor Lift


Pranjal Santosh Vartak , Theem College Of Engineering , University Of Mumbai; Amit Jaysing Tekawade, Theem College Of Engineering , University Of Mumbai ; Jaydeep Anil Wagh, Theem College Of Engineering , University Of Mumbai; Harshal Nilkanth Nemade, Theem College Of Engineering , University Of Mumbai; Irshad Shaikh


Worm Gear Jack, Hinge & Rolling Arrangement


Power screws are used to convert rotary motion into translatory motion. A screw jack is an example of a power screw in which a small force applied in a horizontal plane is used to raise or lower a large load. The principle on which it works is similar to that of an inclined plane. The mechanical advantage of a screw jack is the ratio of the load applied to the effort applied. The screw jack is operated by turning a lead screw. The height of the jack is adjusted by turning a lead screw and this adjustment can be done either manually or by integrating an electric motor. In this project, an electric motor will be integrated with the worm gear jack and the electricity needed for the operation will be taken from the battery of the vehicle or already charged battery and thereby the mechanical advantage will be increased, also Remote control device can also be used to upgrade the model. The worm gear screw jack has ability to be used individually or linked mechanically and driven by electric motors or even manually. It has the lifting capacity of few kilos to the tones of weights with the raising capacity about 3 feet.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I2142
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2015
Page(s): 806-807

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