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Reliable Handling of Road Rules in Vehicle Transportation Using VANET




Mixed Signal Processor, Inductive Speed Sensor, Load Cell, RTC, RFID Tag, Infrared Sensor, Display Unit, SDRAM


This paper focuses on the development of a system for vehicle classification, Speed measuring and controlling, Weight measuring in bus and truck, Navigation routing, Signal notifications, and Height notation in the road side areas. In this the Mixed Signal Processor is used for the controlling of the whole system. This controller unit is placed in both the vehicle as well as road side. An algorithm based on this is Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, from this algorithm the vehicle and road side networks could communicate with each other wirelessly. The developed sensor system is compact, wireless, and inexpensive. Vehicle classification is useful in a number of applications, including road maintenance and management, roadway design, emissions evaluation, multimode traffic model development, traffic control, traffic signal design, and toll systems development. Inductive speed sensors give a voltage output when subjected to a changing magnetic field. The field is set up by a magnet inside the sensor body and changes when ferromagnetic teeth are passed beneath the sensor (no magnets are required in the target). The voltage increases with increasing speed and with a reduction of the gap between the sensor and the target. Speed control based on RTC and area using VANET with vehicle speed analysis using on board unit and vehicle classification and alerting system also we implement. In that field vehicle control the emission of vehicle depends upon traffic signal design and traffic analysis using traffic flow and shortest path preference. And also implement signal alert for vehicle turns in tunnels or some congested path roadways. Load sensor is using for load analysis for vehicle and mention the over ton warning system and vehicle scheduling system also implement by using Real Time Clock (RTC).

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I2623
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2015
Page(s): 887-890

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