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Experimental Investigations into Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of 16MnCr5 and 20MnCr5 Steels


Shivaraj , BCET BANGALORE; Channabasavaraj B Dharani, BCET; Sai Sachin V, BCET


Electrical discharge machining (EDM), Wire Electrical Discharge machining (WEDM), volumetric material removal rate (MRRv), surface roughness (Ra), signal (S) to noise (N) ratio (S/N).


Wire EDM is one of the most popular techniques of the advanced machining processes in the present global manufacturing scenario. The Wire EDM utilizes the wire which acts as a tool upon passing the current so as to erode the work material by the generation of sparks between the work and tool. The work and the tool are immersed in a die-electric fluid and then allowed to pass through to remove the material by erosion and such machining helps to produce parts with good surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Wire EDM is new innovation of the EDM process. By using Wire EDM process, the highest accuracy can be achieved and my desertion to investigate the response parameters volumetric material removal rate(MRRv), and surface roughness(Ra) by experimentation on 16MnCr5 and 20MnCr5 metals in wire EDM process. The design of experiment is carried out considering Taguchi technique with four input parameters namely, pulse on, pulse off, current and bed speed. The experiments are conducted considering the above two materials for L16 and then the impact of each parameter is estimated by ANOVA. A comparison made between the two materials indicates that the 20MnCr5 material is more sui for better MRRV and 16MnCr5 for better surface finish.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I2854
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2015
Page(s): 1626-1632

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