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Design and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Visual Cryptography and Watermarking Scheme using Dwt and SVD Algorithms


Pooja Maan , N.C.C.E.; Raman Chawla Poria


Visual Cryptography, Shares, Camouflage, Secret Images, Secret Shares etc


Visual cryptography scheme is a technique which allows visual information to be encrypted such that the decryption can be performed by the human visual system, without the aid of computers. It is based on cryptography where n images are encoded in a way that only the human visual system can decrypt the hidden message without any cryptographic computations when all shares are stacked together. This scheme hides the secret image into two or more images which are called shares. The secret image can be recovered simply by stacking the shares together without any complex computation involved. The shares are very safe because separately they reveal nothing about the secret image. But there is an issue regarding their security as every intruder knows that if he/she overlap or super impose two shares than secret data may be revealed. Also, there is need to design shares with a complex method, which would enhance the security of the design method. In this research work, we proposed and experimented advanced visual cryptography. Related work in area of visual cryptography is also discussed in this work. Encryption at each level of VC is expansion less. A share generated out of VC represents the same size of secret. The key-share generated is having random nature. It has been observed that the expansion less shares consume less memory. Graying effect is reduced to zero. A method is designed which provide more security to the shares. This is done by converting the shares in to camouflages. Also more attention is paid to keep the size of reconstructed image according to the size of input secret image with proper contrast matching. All the implementation work will be done is MATLAB R2013a using generalized MATLAB toolbox and image processing toolbox.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I60455
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 01/09/2015
Page(s): 667-671

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