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A Present - Day Travel Package Recommended System based on Topic Modeling & Collaborative Filtering


Mandala Akshounireddy , sri venkateshwara engineering college, suryapet; P.Rathaiah, sri venkateshwara engineering college, suryapet


Travel Package, Recommended System, Cocktail, Topic Modeling, Collaborative Filtering


Latest years have witnessed an tremendous magnification in recommender systems. There is an abundance of numerous avenues to explore this field, because of its Despite paramount progress. Indeed, this article expounds a case study of exploiting online peregrinate information for personalized peregrinate package recommendation. Here, the critical challenge is to address the unique characteristics of peregrinate data, which distinguish peregrinate packages from traditional items of others for recommendation. For this purport, we may first analyze the characteristics of the subsisting peregrinate packages and design a tourist-area-season topic (TAST) model which can represent peregrinate packages and tourists by different topic distributions. Besides, the topic extraction is conditioned on both the tourists and the intrinsic features (i.e., place locations, travelling seasons) of the landscapes. Predicated on this model, we propose a cocktail approach to engender the lists for personalized peregrinate package recommendation and withal elongate the TAST model to the tourist-cognation-area-season topic (TRAST) model for capturing the latent relationships among the tourists in each peregrinate group. Determinately, we coalesce the TAST model, the TRAST model, and the cocktail recommendation approaches on the authentic-world peregrinate package data. Experimental results show that the TAST model can efficaciously capture the unique characteristics of the peregrinate data and the cocktail approach which is much more efficacious than traditional recommendation techniques for peregrinate package recommendation. Withal, by considering tourist relationships, the TRAST model can be utilized as an efficacious assessment for peregrinate group formation.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I60486
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 01/09/2015
Page(s): 745-747

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