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Differential Locking System


Mr. Waghmare Akash S. , S.C.S.C.O.E Rahuri Factory; Mr. Shinde Sandip V., S.C.S.C.O.E Rahuri Factory; Mr. Kavle Ashish S., S.C.S.C.O.E Rahuri Factory; Prof. Tathe P.G., S.C.S.C.O.E Rahuri Factory


Dfferential, Bevel gear, crown wheel, Ring gear, Shaft, Transmission


a conventional differential that is non-locked differential always supplies close to equal torque to each side. With an automotive differential if one wheel is held stationary, the counterpart wheel turns at twice its normal speed. A differential locking system introduced here can be engaged or disengaged either manually or automatically, as per the conditions or a sensor based system can be developed that will sense the difference in speed or stalling of one wheel to lock the differential by sliding a dog ring to get engaged in planetary gear spike shaft so that both wheels will have same traction. If the difference in the speed of driven and rolling wheels is encountered then the differential is controlled to lock. When a working vehicle travels on a inclined ground or on an unleveled ground, slipping causes a difference in revolution between right and left wheel impairing straight running of the vehicle. it is therefore conventional practice to equip a working vehicle such as a lawn mower or a garden tractor which needs to be run in a straight manner with a differential locking mechanism to forcibly stop the differential revolution of the wheels. If the differential lock remained on during all time then it may leave scratches on the ground. Hence an automatic differential locking system has to be designed to eliminate the above disadvantage. This system permits the differential to be locked only when the steering angle is below a predetermined value and release the lockup when the steering angle exceeds it.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I120159
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2017
Page(s): 932-938

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