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A Simulation for Forest Fire Detection using Lab View with Wireless Sensor Networks Based Myrio


D. Velmurugan , Info Institute of Engineering; P. Elango, Info Institute of Engineering; R. Kamalakkannan, Info Institute of Engineering; M. Mohandass, Info Institute of Engineering; S.Prakash, Info Institute of Engineering


Deforestation, Vegetation, Wildlife Habitat, Solar Panel, LAB View, Global Positioning System (GPS), GIS (Graphical Information System) & Wireless Sensor Nodes


Forest Resources are mainly important because they stabilize climate, regulation of hydrological cycle, and provides plants and animals for living Space to thousands of life. On the other hand, forest resources are deployed due to forest fires. Forest fire is a disaster which happened natural or manmade sources creating fire which destroys a forested area. Affected areas its leads to Deforestation, great danger to people who live in forests as well as wildlife animals. Forest accidents take place all over the world. Major wild fires accidents happen every few years in the forests of the United States and Indonesia, and in the bush in Australia and India. In India April – May 2016 major wild fires happened at Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Totally 4,048 hectares (10,000 acres) are burned and its affects vegetation, wildlife habitat, soil, water, and air and in turn how these impact humans especially in population centres. Due to this reason environmental Protection and conservation is increased Attention in now a days. In this Paper presents an optimal fire detection using lab view with MYRIO are proposed. The proposed system it contains solar Panel, lab view, Global Positioning System (GPS), GIS (Graphical Information System) and flame sensors are used. Fire affected areas information fetched from GPS and it can Be Transferred to MYRIO Protocol. MYRIO Protocol receives the particular latitude and Attitude, Longitude information from GPS and to be transmitted from lab view Monitoring Section and information Passage through nearest Forest head office Centres. Lab view is mainly used to obtain the cumulative report of annual & monthly forest fire affected areas by each state and district.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I120505
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2017
Page(s): 508-511

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