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Emission Analysis of Enriched Biogas Fuelled Stationary Single Cylinder SI Engine


Chaitanya B. Pandya , LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar; Divyang R. Shah, GEC ,Gandhinagar; Tushar M. Patel, LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar; Gaurav P. Rathod, LDRP ITR, Gandhinagar


Biogas, Methane Enriched Biogas, Petrol SI Engine, Compression Ratio, Alternative Fuel, Vehicular Fuel, Engine Performance, Engine Load, Engine Speed


This paper presents the emission results of a 7.5 hp Kirloskar Engine make TV 1 research engine which was converted into spark ignition mode and run on Enriched biogas and Petrol at compression ratio of 8 at constant narrow load range of 2 kg and rpm varying from 1100-1800. NOx level is decreased in Enriched Biogas mode from 97.72% decrease at 1100 rpm to 93.85% decrease at 1800 rpm. CO2 emission is increased from 3% to 4.1% (1100 rpm to 1800 rpm) for enriched biogas and for petrol 3.60% to 4.50% (1100 rpm to 1800 rpm) overall reducing 8% to 16% in comparison with petrol. Unburnt Hydrocarbon emission were seen lower in numbers with comparison to petrol engine. In petrol mode as the speed increased, CO emissions were also increased but in enriched biogas CO emission almost remains constant. From Richer to leaner mixture CO increases due to incomplete combustion.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I20893
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2016
Page(s): 903-907

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