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Resonance Prevention in Truck Body Through Structure Design Modification - Design and FEA Analysis


Dhirendra Gotmare , AGPCE, Nagpur; Prof. R. R. Gandhe, AGPCE, Nagpur


Truck Body, Modal Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis, FEA


The major amount of worldwide transportation is done by using automobiles. In automotive industries truck chassis are designed as per the design standards but the bodies manufactured by various manufacturers are designed without standard design considerations. In India there is huge market of these manufacturers. These bodies are manufactured as per their loading capacity, there is no standardization of design considering engine vibrations and dynamic performance. Truck bodies manufactured without design standards are unsafe for dynamic performance. The body is excited by dynamic force induced by the engine. Under such dynamic excitations, the body tends to vibrate at some frequency, as truck engine operating rpm range is between 900rpm to 3000rpm. Because of engine, truck body undergoes vibration range between 15Hz to 50Hz. Whenever the natural frequency of vibration of a truck body structure coincides with the frequency of the external excitation induced by engine, there occurs a phenomenon known as resonance, at resonance drastic increase in deflection occurs which leads to excessive deflections and failure of the truck body structure. Hence there exists a need for the industry sector to modify the design of dump truck body structure which allows dump truck body to withstand safe between engine excitation frequencies and simultaneously improvising the strength, reducing weight, and prolonged operational life.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I50442
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/08/2016
Page(s): 867-869

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