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Single Crystal EPR and Optical Studies of VO(II) Doped in Aqua(malonato)Cadmium(II) hydrate


S. Boobalan , Department of Chemistry, J.J. College of Eng. & Tech. Tiruchirappalli ? 620 009, India.; K. Senthil Kumaran, Department of Chemistry, SNS College of Eng. Coimbatore ? 641107, India.; M.S. Balamurugan, Department of Physics, JCT College of Eng. & Tech., Coimbatore ? 638 105, India.


Single Crystal EPR, FTIR


Single crystal analysis of the EPR spectra of VO(II) ion in various diamagnetic host lattices indicates that the paramagnetic impurity was found to enter the host lattice either substitutionally or interstitially or both. EPR studies have been carried on VO(II) ion in aqua(malonato)cadmium(II) hydrate single crystal at room temperature and it indicates that number of sites present in the lattice is found to be independent of concentration of the dopant. EPR spectrum of VO(II) ion showing two magnetically inequivalent sites present in the lattice but only one site is analysed because of the very low intensity of the other site. Single crystal rotated along the three orthogonal crystallographic axes has yielded spin Hamiltonian parameters g and A as: gxx=1.968; gyy=1.967; gzz=1.924; Axx=7.49 mT; Ayy=7.50 mT; Azz= 18.09 mT., which indicate that the impurity is rhombically distorted. Angular variation studies in all the three orthogonal planes confirm that the VO(II) ion has occupied an interstitial position in the lattice. The powder spectrum at room temperature contains only one site. The admixture coefficients and other parameters are calculated. From the optical data, the crystal field parameter (Dq) and the tetragonal field parameters (Ds and Dt) have been evaluated. The covalency of the metal ligand bond is deduced as 18%. The FTIR spectrum helps to confirm the host lattice structure.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I70597
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
Page(s): 993-998

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