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Recycling of Coconut Shell and Plastic Waste in Concrete by Replacing Coarse Aggregate.




Compressive Strength, Workability Plastic waste, Recycle Concrete Aggregate, Coconut Shells, Concrete


Electronics waste was the by-product of plastic industries and additionally it's collected from native space and it contains junk TVs, Radio, CDs, Computers, Chips etc. coconut shells could be a by-product of coconut industries. This treatise shows study on the results of an investigation of result of plastic waste and coconut shells as coarse combination replacement in concrete combine. Concrete mixes containing varied contents of the coconut shells and plastic waste were ready and properties material and concrete like fineness modulus, water absorption, relative density, crushing worth, impact worth, abrasion worth, workability, compressive strength and flexural strength were determined. Concrete of M-40 grade is ready containing coconut shells and plastic waste as a partial replacement of coarse combination in concrete. Plastic waste and coarse combination that passes from 20mm sieve were mixed in concrete. One of the best methods for using waste as re-uses material. The cost of cement used in concrete works is on the increase and unaffordable, yet the need for housing and other constructions requiring this material keeps growing with increasing population, thus the need to find alternative binding materials that can be used solely or impartial replacement of cement. Coconut shells, which are an environmental pollutant, are collected and burnt in the open air (uncontrolled combustion) for three hours and that product is incinerated in muffle furnace at 800oC for 6hrs to produce coconut shell ash (CSA), which in turn was used as binding in partial replacement of cement in concrete production. Reduction of cement usage will reduce the production of cement which in turn cut the carbon dioxide emissions. The time has come for the review of progress made in the field of development of binary blended cement concrete and aggregates.

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Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2017
Page(s): 1399-1402

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