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Algae Third Generation Biodiesel: Review


Mahesh Marathe , SSBT COET, Jalgaon; Shital Agarwal, SSBT COET, Jalgaon; Sakshi Baniya, SSBT COET, Jalgaon; Shrushti Sonkusare, SSBT COET, Jalgaon; Yogesh Sonawane, SSBT COET, Jalgaon


Fossil Fuel, Algae, Calorific Value, Biodiesel Photo Bioreactor


Energy and related services are the backbone of growth and development of any country. The present scenario indicates use of non-renewable sources namely coal, petrol, diesel, nuclear fuel, natural gas, etc. for the production of energy. Fossil fuels are limited in amount and are major cause for pollution and emission of green house gases (GHG). As a consequence people are forced to look for other sources of getting fuel. Additional reason for this has been steadily boosting the prices of crude oil. As we all know Biodiesel has gained much attention in recent years due to its eco-friendly nature, non-toxic characteristics, biodegradability and lower net carbon cycle compared to conventional diesel fuels). In this paper, the author analyzes the possibility of obtaining biodiesel from algae and the feasibility of such a method of producing biodiesel. Properties of algal biodiesel are discussed in the given paper also a comparison of conventional fuel and algal biodiesel is given. Advantages of using algae for production of biofuel are described as well as opportunities for further development of technology for getting biodiesel from algae. Algae are very resistant and can grow virtually anywhere in the desert, in salt and fresh water and even in the waste water. Algae can reproduce quickly; they use CO2 for photosynthesis and less water than other crops. Bio fuel from algae is biodegradable and contains no sulphur and it is not toxic. Sewage water algae are having calorific value around 15000kJ/kg which is comparable with the Indian coal used for power production.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV6I120267
Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2019
Page(s): 704-707

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