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Extraction of Fuel from Plastic by Microwave Pyrolysis


Sivakumar. N , Gnanamani College of Technology,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India; Rohith Madhavan , Gnanamani College of Technology,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India; Rahul Krishna B. K, Gnanamani College of Technology,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India; Saran Chandran, Gnanamani College of Technology,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India; Sarath .V, Gnanamani College of Technology,Namakkal,Tamilnadu,India


Microwave Pyrolysis, Pyrolysis Oil, Char, Carbon Black


There has been an ever increasing global demand for energy in recent years. The demand especially from liquid fuels is very high and the limited resources of fuel production has created bottleneck leading to an energy crisis. This has led to exploring other resources for fuel production, one of which is plastic. Being a non-degradable source, plastics disposed of in the open environment as wastes pose a threat to the environment. Most of the waste plastics end up as landfills. It can instead be used as a source for making fuel. The work describes an attempt to use the waste plastic to synthesize potential fuel called ‘Pyrolysis Oil’ since the process used in order to obtain the oil is Pyrolysis. The obtained oil from different grades of waste plastics is analysed so as to validate its use as fuel. The paper deals with extracting pyrolysis oil from waste polymers by fabricating a furnace to carry out pyrolysis. Here we use the microwave pyrolysis for the extraction of fuel. A microwave reactor was designed and fabricated using a microwave oven. The optimal pyrolysis working condition led to the production of a suitable product for a fuel application. A mixture of various types of plastics is taken as samples. Carbon was used as the microwave absorbent.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV6I20634
Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2018
Page(s): 1012-1017

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