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Review of Welding Parameter Consequences for TIG Welding of Aluminium Alloy




AA6061, Filler Rod, Welding Speed, Welding Current, Gas Flow Rate, Strength, Hardness


Aluminium composites are compounds in which aluminium is the transcendent metal. The typical alloying elements copper, magnesium, magnese, silicon, tin and zink. Al and aluminium alloys play an important role in engineering and metallurgy field on account of manufacture and formability. TIG welding strategy is one of the exact and speediest procedures utilized as a part of aviation, businesses, dispatch enterprises vehicle ventures, marine ventures, and atomic ventures. TIG welding process is utilized to dissected the information and assess the impact of information parameters on elasticity and hardness of aluminium example- welding current, gas stream rate, and welding speed are the input parameters which affect output responses of aluminium welded joints. To enhance welding nature of aluminium plate pre and post safeguards must be taken during welding process. TIG welding is a brilliant welding process used to weld the aluminium. Welding of AL plate by varying input parameters, the yield parameters get contemplated improved so better nature of welded joints will create. 6061 AL combination are composite are alloyed with zink and have most elevated quality of any simple weldable aluminium alloy. 6061 aluminium combination is generally delicate, effectively machined, sturdy, reuse, light weight, flexible and pliant metal with appearance brilliant. It is non magnetic and does not easily ignite. Al has about one third density and stiffness of steel. From the literature study, it is found that welding of aluminium is a big challenge by conventional arc welding process. Again repeatability of welding relies upon its control on welding speed and other preparing parameters. In this work to perform welding of 5mm thickness 6061 aluminium alloy plate, TIG welding setup will utilize. Welding of the 6061 aluminium composite plate will do by changing the welding parameters on the tensile strength and hardness of weld joint will analyze.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2018
Page(s): 615-618

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