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Spectroscopy - An Analysis


Nirmala , Bmu rohtek


Spectroscopy, Emission and Absorption Spectra, Atomic Spectra


Spectroscopic investigations have proved vital in our knowledge of the structure of atoms and molecules. Atomic spectra given us information about the arrangement and motion of electrons in an atom have led to the discovery of electron spin and understanding of periodic classification of elements. Molecular spectra provide information regarding the molecular binding motion of nuclear and electrons in the molecule and the structure of molecules. This information has played a great role in the development of quantum. Mechanics which in turn has provided a sound basis for the understanding of atomic and molecular spectra and structure. In spectroscopic observations, we need three kinds of devices i.e. light sources, spectrometers and detectors. Spectroscopic deals with interaction of electromagnet radiation with matter and is the most important tool for investigation structure of atoms and molecules. Atomic vapor of alkalis give absorption spectrum of hydrogen atom. Some applications of atomic spectra as: imported role in understanding the structure of atoms and their properties; development of modern atomic physics is due to the success of atomic spectra, atomic spectroscopy is a powerful analytical tool for ores and minerals. Some application of molecular spectra as; pollutants present in traces can be monitored and identified , crystal structures of crystals containing complex ions like so4, no3 co3 etc, structural information of high temperature superconductors have been obtained.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 4
Publication Date: 01/07/2018
Page(s): 1021-1022

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