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A Technical Review: Design and Fabricated of Air Engine


Lecturer Dipesh B Lad , S.B.Polytecnic, Savli -391770, Vadodara, Gujarat, India


Compressed Air Vehicles (CAV), CI Engine, SI Engine, Biodiesel


In the Current energy scenario the fossil fuel sources are fast depleting and their combustion products are causing global environmental problems. So it is inevitable to shift towards the use of renewable energy resources which in turn will reduce pollution and saves fossil fuels. Air Powered Engine is an alternative technology which uses compressed air to run the engine and thus eliminates the use of fossil fuels. Exhaust temperature of it will be slightly less than atmospheric temperature (i.e. 20-25°C) and thus helps in controlling global warming and reducing temperature rise caused due to other means. As we are going to convert the already existing conventional engine into an air powered one, this new technology is easy to adapt. Another benefit is that it uses air as fuel which is available abundantly in atmosphere. Today fossil fuels are widely used as a source of energy in various different fields like power plants, internal & external combustion engines, as heat source in manufacturing industries, etc. But its stock is very limited and due to this tremendous use, fossil fuels are depleting at faster rate. So, in this world of energy crisis, it is inevitable to develop alternative technologies to use renewable energy sources, so that fossil fuels can be conserved. One of the major fields in which fossil fuels are used is Internal Combustion Engine. An alternative of IC Engine is "Air Powered Engine". It is an engine which will use compressed air to run the engine. It is cheap as it uses air as fuel, which is available abundantly in atmosphere. For this project we required some basic information related to our project for this purpose we make this project report. So we are going to make Air Powered Engine.

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Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 6
Publication Date: 01/09/2018
Page(s): 398-400

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