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Design and Development of Air Preheater to Improve Engine Efficiency


Tejas Mahadev Anpat , S.B.patil college of Engineering; Shriram Anil Pawar, S.B.patil college of Engineering; Mandar Sanjay Joshi, S.B.patil college of Engineering; Pramod Madhukar Ingale, S.B.patil college of Engineering; Prof. Sandip Pratap Kamble, S.B.patil college of Engineering


Waste heat recovery system, efficiency improve, Thermoelectricity, temperature


The focus of the study is to review the modern changes and technologies on waste heat recovery of exhaust gas from internal combustion engine. These include the thermoelectric generator, turbocharger, exhaust gas through I.C engine. Due to the total heat supplied to the engine in the form of fuel around 30-40%, heat is converting in to the use full mechanical work and residual parts of the wastage heat 60-70% as friction, exhaust gas and engine cooling system. Waste heat release in the form of fumes in environment through I.C engine, which also includes the exhaust gases. The side effects are global warming, greenhouse effects and entropy increases etc. Therefore, it is required to use the waste heat in to useful work. The recovery of waste heat not only conserves fossil fuel but also control the environment pollution. Therefore, main objective of this paper is to evaluate (waste heat recovery system) technology based on the total waste heat converted into the useful mechanical work and possible methods to recovery of the waste heat from I.C engine. As a result, waste heat recovery from the I.C engines and utilization shall be remain best technique in future automobile application save the fuel and protect the environment.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I100242
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/01/2020
Page(s): 166-169

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