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Location-based Notification Blocker


Rohan Shinde , Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai; Ankur Prabhu, Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai; Anand Tekwani, Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai; Shreyas Pradhan, Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai


Location-Based Notification Blocker


The following thesis is about an android application which will execute programs to restrict certain app notifications which may be distracting to the user while he or she may be performing a particular task. The app can actually be used on a wide-section of potential users, but the focus of this project is mainly for students going to colleges, universities during their study lectures or practical’s. Users more likely respond to a personal notification than one that is not direct and impersonal. So, the users want to see and read specific notifications but want to block certain notifications at different areas. Blocking of the type of notification will differ or may differ according to change in environment or area. These areas are defined as zones. Each zone has a set of priorities set that help to tell which app notifications should be blocked and which notifications should be delivered and notified to the user. The preferences are specific apps e.g. Instagram or any specific keywords as, e.g. the users family name, etc. If a keyword occurs in the notification of a blocked app, the notification won’t be discarded; it will be delivered to the device. The data of the area or zone will be collected on the central server.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I110434
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 11
Publication Date: 01/02/2020
Page(s): 593-594

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