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Thermodynamic Analysis of Two Stage Cascade Refrigeration System


Anmol Rangare , OCT, Bhopal; Praveen Mishra, OCT, Bhopal


Thermodynamic Analysis, Cascade Refrigeration System, COP, Exergetic Efficiency


The Montreal protocol and Kyoto protocol underlined the need of substitution of CFCs and HCFCs due to their adverse impact on atmospheric ozone layer which protects earth from U.V rays. The CFCs have been entirely ruled out since 1995 and a long term basis HCFCs must be replaced by 2020. All this events motivated HFC refrigerants which are harmless to ozone layer. In this paper thermodynamic analysis of cascade refrigeration system has been done using three different refrigerant pairs R290-R23 and R600A-R23. Effect of various operating parameters i.e. evaporator temperature, condenser temperature, temperature difference in cascade condenser and low temperature cycle condenser temperature on performance parameters viz. COP and exergetic efficiency have been studied. Thermodynamic analysis shows that out of two refrigerant pairs R290-R23 and R600A-R23, the COP of R600A-R23 refrigerant pair is highest.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I30076
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2019
Page(s): 87-92

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