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A New Method for Symmetric Key Encryption using Plaintext Key Pair Split (Pi,Ki) Algorithm


Agrim Aggarwal , Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Techonology, Rohini, New Delhi; Sanchit Singhal, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Techonology, Rohini, New Delhi


Cloud Computing, Symmetric Key Encryption, Plaintext Key Pair Split (Pi,Ki) Algorithm


Cloud Computing is the new-generation architecture of the IT enterprise, and IT applications. Cloud storage lets users to remotely store their data and use cloud applications, services without the requirement of local hardware and software, anytime and anywhere, i.e. on-demand. In cloud, the data is transferred between the server and the client, and high transmission speeds is an important aspect in networking. As with the advent of any new technology, its security and efficiency is considered, cloud security is the current big-thing in IT Industry all across the world. This research paper provides a method for hiding, protecting and securing the data without affecting the network layers; from unauthorized access to the server. In comparison to traditional solutions, where IT services are under physical, logical and personnel controls, in Cloud Computing the application software and data is moved to large data centres, where the management of software, services and data may not be secure and private, thus posing many new security challenges which have not been well understood. In this paper we compare and survey different security issues to cloud and different cryptographic algorithms adoptable for better security in the cloud. Cryptography is defined as the science and study of secret writing, that concerns the ways in which communications and data can be encoded to prevent disclosure of their contents through eavesdropping or message interception, using codes, ciphers and other methods, so that only intended people can see the real message. We propose the design and implementation of a new symmetric key algorithm. The algorithm functions by encrypting the plaintext file, using the password of the file as key. The plaintext and key are split in equal numbers and shift cipher is applied to each block of the plaintext. This new algorithm can be considered as a hybrid approach to its precursors. Most of the existing and proposed algorithms encounter problems such as lack of robustness, privacy concerns and addition of time to packet delay to maintain the security on the communication channel between the terminals. In this paper, the security features were enhanced and upgraded to maintain high security on communication channels by increasing the difficulty for attacker to recognize, understand a pattern and speed of the encryption/decryption scheme.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I31250
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2019
Page(s): 1782-1783

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