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Towards Automated Agriculture


Prajwal N. Chavan , B. K. Birla college of Arts, Science and Commerce. Kalyan.; Leena A. Bhere, B. K. Birla college of Arts, Science and Commerce. Kalyan.


Precision Agriculture (PA), Internet of Things (IoT), Moisture Sensor, Camera Image Processing, Smart Irrigation, Mobile GSM Technology, Aurdino


The Internet of Things (IoT) where sensors, actuators and controllers come together to ease the human life and share information. The IoT is grabbing the field of agriculture too i.e. Precision Agriculture (PA). One third part of nations capital comes from farming and 70%of our population id depending on farming. Betterment in farming will absolutely lead to the betterment of the nation. The hard work life style of the farmers can be eased with the use of IoT technology. But due to some reasons even after inventions of many different devices for PA, Automated farming, Automated Irrigation system, automated fertilization, disease detection etc.; which are been invented to provide the farmers some ease in their work, we can find only some amount of farmers are actually not implementing those devices invented just for them. The use of the system that farmers are more used to is to be done to increase the acceptance level and make the interface better so they must use the technology made for them easily. A smart irrigation system by EmbedGallery https://www.embedgallery.com/(Samarth mobile motor controller) with the use of mobile GSM technology operates the motor auto- manually from anywhere in India. The farmers are easily accepting this system because it is easy to use compared to others, we will move forward here by making use of IoT technology (sensors and controllers) making the system automated and more precise. (Note that the organization of the body of the paper is at the authors’ discretion; the only required sections are Introduction, Methods and Procedures, Results, Conclusion, and References. Acknowledgements and Appendices are encouraged but optional.).

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I70265
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2019
Page(s): 480-484

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