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In-Vitro Study of Anti-Biofilm Activity of Marketed Drugs and Phytochemical Extracts


Chitranshu Pandey , mrd life sciences; Chitranshu, MRD LifeSciences Pvt.Ltd. Lucknow; Chandan Nishad, Chandigarh University1; Gurpreet Rani, Chandigarh University1; Pallavi Sharma, MRD LifeSciences Pvt.Ltd. Lucknow


Biofilm, Spoiling of Food, Cell Debris, Cystic Fibrosis, Medical Equipments, Phytochemical Extracts, Marketed Medicines


Biofilm is a slime layer formed on the surface of any substance by the accumulation of one or more than one microorganism by the help of extracellular matrix which contains polysaccharide, structural protein, cell debris and nucleic acid which is called extracellular polymeric stuff (EPS). Which can be formed anywhere like households, industrial pipes, medical equipments like catheters, medical implants, plant and animal tissue etc. Microbial biofilm has very bad impact on human health i.e., tooth decay when develop in tooth, cystic fibrosis when develop in lungs. In non-medical areas bio fouling of water, spoiling of food etc., occurs due to the presence of biofilm. Due to the composition of their structure they make themselves protective and resistance with the anti-microbial compounds. In this present research, to degrade these biofilms, we treated it with various phytochemical extracts, marketed medicines and combined them to make it effective against the biofilm. Which can further be used for the remedy of biofilm in upcoming year.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I70298
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2019
Page(s): 573-580

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