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Modeling and CFD Analysis of EGR Cooler with Different Type of Finned Tube for Diesel Engine


Neeraj Pandey , PCST ; Pradeep Pandey, PCST ; Ashish Patidar, PCST ; Prof. Ravindra Verma, PCST


Fin, Effectiveness, LMTD, NTU and EGR, NOx


Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is one of the post processing techniques and, it is widely used to meet emission standards. And it has been considered as the most effective means to reduce NOx emission from diesel engine. EGR cooler is a simple heat exchanger in which exhaust gas is cooled with the help of coolant from engine itself. Our objective is to improve the effectiveness of shell and tube type heat exchanger; So that exhaust gas recalculated will be cooled more, in this way combustion chamber temperature will be lowered and it reduces NOx emission. Therefore, we create different models 1, 2, 3 and 4 of EGR coolers. Model-1 is a simple shell and tube type and simulated its result on ANSYS fluent 16.0. Then in model-2 we replaced simple tubes by triangular finned type circular tube and get increased effectiveness of the same cooler. And in the model-3, we replace the plane tube in same model by rectangular finned tube, and in the Model-4, we replace simple tubes by Trapezoidal fin type tubes. Now compared all the four models by their effectiveness and suggest to use most effective Model-4 among them. We create four models of EGR cooler which are designed to check which type of EGR cooler is most effective out of these, Model-1 type of EGR cooler is consist of plain tube. Model-2 consist of internally triangular fins tube along its length and model-3 consist of internally rectangular fin tube and model-4 consist of trapezoidal fin tube on its surface .The maximum effectiveness is seen in case of the EGR cooler with trapezoidal fin tube.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I70313
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2019
Page(s): 558-570

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