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Study of Availability and Extensibility of Theo Jansen Mechanism Following a Holistic Approach and Implementing in Wide Range of Applications in Terrain Region by the Use of Ball Bearings and Round Surface


Md Aftab Khan , Shambhunath institute of engineering and technology prayagraj Uttar Pradesh


Theo Jansen Mechanism, Ball Bearings, Klann Mechanism, Walking Robots


On this Earths landmass wheeled and tracked vehicles exists. But people and animals using their legs can go almost anywhere. The main aim of the walking mechanism is to develop rough terrain robots by capturing mobility autonomy and simulation of living creatures. Such robots can travel like living creatures in stepped stairways household clutters limit the utility of wheeled vehicles. Machines consist of a number of mechanisms for their successful operation and to give the desired output. Mechanisms like four-bar mechanism, single slider crank mechanism, double slider crank mechanism, etc, are used for transmitting motion, force, torque etc. The analytical data can be used for reference purpose to design a walking robot to attain better design qualities. There are many types of walking mechanisms but there are two major mechanisms implemented to their best. They are THEO JANSON’s mechanism and KLANN linkage. The first mechanism which I came across for purpose of smooth walking on terrain region was Klann mechanism which actually mimics the motion of the biological organism i.e., crab. Observing keenly I found that there were lot of drawbacks within the mechanism, the drawbacks being jerky motion and difficulty in the turning of the vehicle. The next step to be taken was to find a better mechanism which had a smooth walking pattern on any given terrain and could easily function as per requirements. The most flexible mechanism which I settled with is THEO-JANSEN MECHANISM (STRANDBEEST). My final contribution would be to do holistic analysis to determine the smooth working of the mechanism thereby walking lightly and swiftly and how to refrain from jamming. Finally, all vehicles must be controlled - by a human or other means. Therefore investigation is necessary in controlling such vehicles.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I80110
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/11/2019
Page(s): 77-79

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