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Determination of Stream Equivalency Factor for Toll Plaza


Giji Sonia , Jyothi Engineering College; Vincy Verghese, Jyothi Engineering College


Equivalency Factor for Toll Plaza, PCU, TEF


The main disadvantage of building a toll plaza is that it increases the traffic on highway. Therefore, the aim of our study is to introduce a new concept of Toll booth Equivalency Factor (TEF) at toll plaza similar to that of PCU for mixed traffic conditions. The mixed traffic is converted into flow equivalent in passenger car units (PCU) and then multiplying them with number of each vehicle class by their respective PCU values and then adding them up. The PCU is a complex parameter and it depends upon multiple factors. Vehicle arrival at a toll booth is random inspite of the lane assigned to a particular vehicle category. Such mixed traffic in the same lane causes the variation in service time and hence reduces capacity. The vehicles in the lane are divided into four classes and mathematical models are developed to determine service time of a vehicle type based on approach volume and composition of traffic in the same lane. The service time is further used to determine TEF. The variation in TEF is explained on the basis of service time due to random arrival of vehicle and approach traffic volume. Further a concept of Stream Equivalency Factor (SEF) proposed will be useful to convert heterogeneous traffic volume in veh/hr to homogenous traffic volume in TEF/hr without actually determining the TEF factors for individual vehicle types at tollbooths. This work will be helpful for quick estimation of capacity. There are multiple phases in which study is carried out for identification of the problem, collection of the data, data analysis, then Paliyekkara toll plaza situated in NH 544 was selected to do the analysis. The current operational effectiveness can be drawn using data analysis and the parameters such as the Arrival Rates, Service Rates and the Number of toll booths are determined for estimating the Toll Booth Equivalency Factor of the toll plaza.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I10856
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 1
Publication Date: 01/04/2020
Page(s): 1226-1230

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