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Assessment of Quality of Some Edible Cooking Oils before and After Frying Sold In Local Market


Dr. Shashikant Pardeshi , DPHL,Jalgaon,Maharashatra


Edible Cooking Oils, Frying, Specific Gravity, Viscosity, PV and P-Anisidine Values


Chemical reactions like oxidation and hydrolysis occur when oil is heated repeatedly due to thermal decomposition. During frying, oil or fat is exposed to heat. Therefore, thermal, oxidative, and hydrolytic decomposition of the oil may occur. Fats and oils are oxidized to form hydro peroxides, the primary oxidation products. These peroxides are extremely unstable and decompose and formation of chemical products, such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, dimers, trimers, polymers, and cyclic compounds. In this research There are five types of vegetable oils before and after frying were analysed using standard procedures, the physicochemical properties such as saponification, acid, peroxide, ester value, specific gravity viscosity and P-anisidine values were investigated. saponification and ester values were ranged between 170.22-191.44 and 167.89-192.02 mg KOH/g oil in fresh oils respectively and between 191.26-205.28 and 184-205mg KOH/g oil in frying oils respectively. Acid values were ranged between 0.33-2.23 in fresh oils and 0.88-7.76 mg KOH/g of groundnut, cottonseed, mustard, soyabean and sunflower oil samples specific gravity and viscosity values were ranged between 0.9071-0.9084 in fresh oils, 0.9902-0.9987 after frying and 34-39 in fresh and 96-132in frying oils respectively. In case of P-anisidine values it is in the range of 1.02-1.92 in fresh oils while 2.11-3.15Meq/kg in frying oils respectively. Furthermore, Acid and Peroxide values ranged from 0.33-7.76 and from 9.25-20.24Meq/kg in frying oils were exceeding in the range of the permitted value of 5 mg/KOHg and 10 meq/Kg. The percentage increase in acid value in after frying are in the range between 43.18-71.26 while in case of peroxide value, it increases after frying is 29.51-53.31%.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I70022
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2020
Page(s): 151-157

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