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Experimental Investigation on Biofuel Made from Jatropha Seeds


Mohammad Abrar Ul Haque , RNCET Madlauda Panipat Haryana; Neeraj Kumar, RNCET Madlauda Panipat Haryana


Biofuel, Jatropha Seeds


It has been found by using Jatropha with pure diesel IC engine can run with optimum performance. It is also found from the experiments that 30 B Jatropha has good result as compared to 30 B mustard oil in Brake power v/s BSFC. India has gone biggest importer of edible oil so it is not favour to use mustard as bio diesel. Blending of mustard cost as higher than the cost of blending of Jatropha biodiesel. In the engine test rig tests were carried out using diesel and biodiesel to find out the effect of various blends on the performance of the engine. Investigations are carried out on the engine mainly to the effect of brake specific fuel consumption, bake thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature. From the experimental analysis it was found that the blends of the Jatropha oil with diesel could be successfully used with acceptable performance on 20 B. On the result of this study properties of Jatropha oil suggest that it can be used directly as C.I. engine fuel. It is possible to run diesel engine with mustard and Jatropha Carcus bio-diesel blends. Brake thermal efficiency is higher for neat diesel at all loads and lowers for blends of bio-diesel and difference of brake thermal efficiency between neat diesel and blended bio-diesel decreases as load increases. Fuel consumption is nearly same for neat diesel and blended diesel at all BMEP and have lower value at all BMEP for neat diesel. BSFC for bio-diesel increases for higher blending of bio-diesel, because of the lower heating value of bio- diesel as compared to diesel fuel.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I80052
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 8
Publication Date: 01/11/2020
Page(s): 47-49

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