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Perspectives on Intelligent system techniques used in Data Mining


Poonam Verma , United Institute of Technology


Intelligent Systems, Neural Networks, Data Mining


With the uprising trend of the social media, for marketing purposes and for personal communication, the data mining techniques used in the early decade can no longer handle the data for pattern recognition .It becomes necessity that the data mining techniques become intelligent enough to deal with the volume and variety of the data being searched for recognizing patterns or trends. Thus in this article, I have explored the various neural networks and their techniques being implemented on data to find a particular trend. Various applications of such hybrid intelligent systems have been discussed. Perceptron and it's varieties have been long used for machine learning without the human intervention. Moreover their various features are inspired by the biological strategies endowed by nature on humans to recognize, learn and innovative ideas to solve their problems. Humans have various sensory organs to help them receive their inputs from the surroundings, however it is their brain that helps them to process the large data and get the required data as an output. Neural Networks are based on the Human brain and the nervous system. So we shall explore various intelligent systems of Neural Networks to help in data mining.

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Paper ID: SPDM002
Published in: Volume : 1, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/10/2015
Page(s): 1-5

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