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Generation of Electricity from Free Wheeling System Using Bevel Gear Arrangement


Syed Abdul khader Hussainy , K.C.G College of Technology, Chennai; Neer Mariappan. M, K.C.G College of Technology, Chennai; Naveen Kumar. P, K.C.G College of Technology, Chennai; Santhosh. M, K.C.G College of Technology, Chennai


Dynamo theory, Pedalling system, Bevel gear, Direction of Induced Current.


Nowadays, electricity generation has been a great concern. There is shortage in power production all over the country. Especially, in south India there is been frequent power cut for hours. Power produced does not meet the requirements. However, power can be produced by other means, which would find usage in small application. This project deals with production of power using a dynamo. In day to day life there are lots of equipments which could be used to convert mechanical work into power. The most commonly used systems are wheeling systems. Wheels have rotational motion. When a dynamo is attached to the wheel by means of some arrangement, rotation in the wheel will lead to dynamo action taking place resulting in generation of power. Bevel gear arrangement is made here. Bevel gear is arranged in such a way that one gear is larger in size comparing other. The ratio is 1:3 (i.e.) for one rotation in wheel there is three rotations in the dynamo. Thus, dynamo rotation is three times the rotation of wheel (dynamo rotation = 3* rotation of wheel). Wheels have rotational motion which could be used to run a dynamo to produce power. This rotational motion is mechanical energy which is converted into electrical energy, thereby generating power. This project deals with three main applications to be used in production of power 1) Wheels of a bicycle is connected to the dynamo which will produce small amount of power which is essential to run few LED'S using a small storage battery 2) Wheels of cycling machine used in GYM which are used for hours daily can be used to produce continuous power which is similar to power produced in a bicycle. 3) Wheels of an automobile which rotate at high speed at an average of 50-60 km/hr. They can produce large amount of power which can be used to charge the batteries used without consuming the fuel.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV1I10056
Published in: Volume : 1, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/01/2014
Page(s): 2284-2286

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