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A Symmetric Key Generation for File Encryption and Protection using/by USB Storage Device


Ankur P. Desai , Shri Sitrambhai Naranji Patel Institute of Technology; Kajal K. Isamaliya, ITM College, Bhailwara, Rajasthan,India.; Mitesh R. Patel, ITM College, Bhailwara, Rajasthan,India.; Pankaj Singh Parihar, ITM College, Bhailwara, Rajasthan,India.


Cryptography, RSA and DSA public key (asymmetric) encryption, MD5 and SHA1 hashing.


Most of the file protection softwares provides either one level protection of the simple encryption method or two level protection which is password protection and encryption using simple key generation algorithm which key is generated by the softwares by using characters of password given by the users. In such a softwares or applications when once password cracked or reverse engineering is done by simple entering password one can have access the file or decrypt the file. My research work will provide one more level protection for such a problem which generate Symmetry key using USB storage device to encrypt file. This research work will carry out not only protection two level protection but also provide extra third level protection to protect file using USB storage device. USB File Lock Using USB Storage Device and Digital Keys (Signature) is a high performance File encryption / protection program, password securing your file against outside unauthorized access by the use of an USB stick/Storage. You should provide facility to send password on sms and even email so that authorised person can use for decrypt a file. You should provide facility to encrypt all type of files without restrictions. Password encryption process should be there so no one can access password specified directly from the encrypted file. This provides you security for your data and private information when your data is in transit or in the email as attachment. Any person getting hold of your files will not be able to use them unless he/she has the USB Storage from the same set. We are planning to use an USB Storage to store the encryption key and also uses three other verification keys stored inside Storage plus a unique hardware serial number of the Storage. This makes it very safe and can even be used in military communication. Advantage of USB Storage is that its easily available at reasonable rates. SO no special hardware is required for this. A storage or memory USB Storage, also called a memory stick, provides a convenient means to pass files between computers or devices. The memory stick contains a rewritable solid-state memory chip that does not require power to retain its contents. As capacities have grown and price has dropped, these portable, plug-and-play storage drives have replaced floppy disks and even writable discs for exchanging files and archiving data.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV1I5010
Published in: Volume : 1, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/08/2013
Page(s): 1077-1081

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