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An Investigation on Computer Forensics


Abhishek Kaushik , Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany; Sudhanshu Naithani, NC college of Information Technology, India


Computer forensic, fingerprint comparison, toxicology, forensic service.


Computer forensic uses many techniques for investigating and getting evidence regarding activity of computer, which is acceptable in court of law. The need of digital evidence is becoming crucial. For this purpose Computer forensic science is the application of science to find legal evidence from computers and other storage devices, so that truth comes out. The goal of forensic science is to provide valid and trustworthy information to investigator and the court. In old days forensic science was limited to fingerprint comparison, trace evidence, tool marks, toxicology and serology. But now it is expanded by including DNA analysis, explosion analysis, risky material analysis and audio/video analysis. That‟s how forensic science has become powerful weapon to investigate and control crimes. The evidence which is provided by forensic science has become "true fact of life", because it tells about incident step by step. Evidence related to theft, extortion, hacking, even murder has been exposed with the help of forensic science. This new technology has become foremost part in law sanction circles. In today‟s world awareness of applicable laws in practice of computer forensic is necessary for all type of organizations. Like for network administrators and security staff needs to know all issues regarding to computer forensics. Employees of corporate governance, legal departments or IT should be known about all aspect of computer forensics. Forensics required employees with balanced combination of technical skill, legal acumen and ethical conduct who is known as computer forensic specialist. Cyber-crime rates are increasing and computer forensic science has power to control these cyber-crimes. The utilization of personal computer is very wide, data exchange is more than ever before and high-tech crimes are on increase. That‟s why we need to have computer forensic service to get successful prosecutions in court of low. Main purpose of this paper is to conduct a little investigation on computer forensic science or computer forensics.

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Publication Date: 01/09/2013
Page(s): 1342-1346

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