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Environmental Affects of Wind Energy


Shakeeb Anjum Malik , Vivekananda global university jaipur; Shujait Ali Jafri, vivekananda global university jaipur; Atul Kumar Dadhich, vivekananda global university jaipur


Environmental Effects, Ecological Impacts, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Human Health


Human being has captured the energy in wind for many of years, both for sailboats and powering wind engines at land. Of all non-conventional energy resources, wind power is the grown up in terms of commercial growth. This resource of energy is fascinating due of its renewable nature and its free of cost availability. Strength for growth is larger, and the world’s capacity is far greater than the world’s total energy utilization. Globally, a total capacity of around about 435 GW has been set up so far, with a yearly growth of about 100 TWh. The most difficult tasks for more growth are attached to economy, use of land, environment affects and grid strength. The development of non-conventional energy resources has never before seen over the last 30 years. Wind energy and solar power are in service with double figure development rates since 2000. No other part of the energy zone has grown this kind of faster growth. Wind power is the most economical and more developing power plant technology, because of lowering set up costs, no fuel costs are required as wind is freely available and time required for construction is also smaller a year or so , in comparison to over 10 to 15 years to construct a nuclear power plant. The impacts of wind energy on the environment most of the time are taken to be positive, by means of the production of non-conventional energy and the potential movements of mining works, air pollution, and release of greenhouse gases is linked with conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. The deep knowledge understanding of the environmental and economic impacts of any one energy resource lies in complete knowledge of how that energy resource moves or is moved by various energy resources, and it in turn lies with more complete understanding of the environmental and economic impacts of all other energy sources available. This study gives an analysis to understand those environmental impacts, both positive and negative in nature.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I70188
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
Page(s): 1101-1105

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