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Studies on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Saw Dust Ash


R R Suvarna Varma , Kakinada Institue of Technology & Science; A S S Vara Prasad, Kakinada Institue of Technology & Science; S Ashok Kumar, Kakinada Institute of Technology & Science, Divili.


Concrete, Cement, Saw Dust Ash


In this project we have dealt with the use of saw dust ash as replacement for cement by some percentage in concrete in order to minimize the amount of cement and enhance concrete properties. We have various pozzalanic materials and saw dust ash is one among them. The basic motto of the present program is to determine the change in the properties of concrete for the amount of saw dust ash replaced. In the present study the materials taken are Cement of 53 grade, aggregate of size suitable to obtain good mix, sand pertaining to zone II, water for through mixing, main ingredient of saw dust ash. Saw dust is initially carbonized and sieved. And various tests are conducted on the material like sieve analysis, fineness modulus, specific gravity for aggregate, fineness test for cement etc. The concrete mix corresponding to M20 is chosen for the study. The mix design yielded a proportion of 1:1.49:3.08 which represent cement: fine aggregate: coarse aggregate respectively. The water cement ratio considered is 0.5.Thus using the proportion the materials are mixed. Two mixes with varying proportions of saw dust ash are considered. They are mix1 is obtained by mix1 is obtained by replacing 5%of cement by weight with saw dust ash and mix2 is obtained by replacing 10 %of cement by weight with saw dust ash. The concrete is thoroughly mixed in a concrete mixer and placed in the moulds by compacting it using a plate vibrator. The specimens are named and the date of casting is noted. The specimens are removed from the mould after duration of one day and are placed in water for curing. Tests are carried out on the specimens in duration of 1 day,7days,14days and 28 days and the test results are noted .Various tests carried out on the specimens are for cubes compression tests are done and the cube compressive strength is determined, for cylinders split tensile test is done in order to know the tensile strength. Hence the test results obtained for the two mixes chosen are compared and also compared with the results with that of the actual mix when no proportion of cement is replaced by saw dust ash.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV4I70606
Published in: Volume : 4, Issue : 7
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
Page(s): 1075-1080

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