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Construction Material on Mars


Nilesh Sushant Biswal , Prof. Ram Meghe College Of Engineering And Management, Badnera; Rushikesh Ravindra Badnakhe, Prof. Ram Meghe College Of Engineering And Management, Badnera; Sanket Ganeshrao Sawarkar, Prof. Ram Meghe College Of Engineering And Management, Badnera


Mars, Sulphur Concrete, Martian Soil, Polysulphides, Solar System, Martian Concrete, Cement Concrete, Cement Sulphur Concrete


As we tend to all apprehend that our planet earth is in solar system that is at intervals a galaxy referred to as "Milky Way". Our solar system includes sun and its eight planets that are believed to own been developed as result of condensation of gases and Mars seems ruby red from earth as result of presence of iron oxides. Its skinny atmosphere comprise of nitrogen and argon. Mars movement among and seasonal cycles among are likewise almost like those of the planet. Of all the planets in our solar system, mars are possibly apart from earth to harbour liquid water. Radius of mars is 0.53 times of earth .its rotation time is 24.6 hours and revolution period is 687 days. A significant step in space exploration throughout the twenty first century is human settlement on mars. While thinking about human settlement on mars question arises in mind which construction material will be good and economical, Rather than transporting all the construction material from earth to the mars with improbably high price exploitation. So in this paper we have explained various construction materials and have compare their effect on earth and mars and also have tried also tried to explain which of them will show good effect with Martian soil and surface. Thus reviewing all the construction materials we have tried to conclude and explain which material will be good on mars and why it will be so.

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Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/01/2018
Page(s): 844-845

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