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Design and Analysis of Active Electro-Hydraulic Thruster for Emergency Brake Assist


Rohini Suryakant Bhosage , TPCTs COE OSMANABAD; Prof. D. D. Date, TPCTs COE Osmanabad; Prof. A. B. Ghalke, TPCTs COE Osmanabad


Design, Finite Element Analysis, Thruster Body, Ansys, Experimental Setup, Emergency Brake Assist


Thruster brake is device to retard the speed of moving machinery & stop it accurately to desire position. Electro mechanical thruster utilize electro mechanical solenoid to apply braking force, whereas hydraulic thruster brake is applied a force via thruster that is operated by hydraulic force. The value of hydraulic force is fixed irrespective of load under braking force or over force leading to excessive & unnecessary brake wear. Thus there is need for a new type of hydraulic thruster where in we can change the value of hydraulic force as per requirement that is an active hydraulic thruster. Objective of project is determination of braking force required for emergency braking at three operating speed condition & selection of the braking system arrangement that is disk brake & caliper arrangement suitable for derived condition.Design development and analysis of electro hydraulic thruster mechanism with three step operation modes.3D cad modeling using unigraphix and analysis for strength of critical component of thruster using anasys. Development of emergency brake assist system test rig to test elecro-hydraulic thruster to determine braking distance determination for individual stages. Iterative methods will be used to predict safe braking distance at various vehicle speeds for different settings of EBA thruster mechanism.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV5I51282
Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/08/2017
Page(s): 1796-1799

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