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Mathematical Performance Analysis of VCR Cycle using R 22, R410A and R744 as a Refrigerant


Dinesh Barfa , Patel College of Science and Technology, Indore ; Mr. Devendra Sikarwar, Patel College of Science and Technology, Indore; Mr. Ashish Patidar, Patel College of Science and Technology, Indore


C.O.P., Refrigeration effect, R 22, R410A and R 744, Work done


Conditioning of air is not a new process; In the early centaury before 2000 for air conditioning we are using R-22 difluoromonochloromethane. The application of this refrigerant is obsolete in developed countries and also in most of developing countries due to high ozone layer depletion and high global warming potential. But after Montreal Protocol treaty the gas R-22 is to be phased out due to high ozone depletion properties. The developed countries phases out this refrigerant by 2020 and developing by 2030. Now a days we are using R-410A hydro-fluocarbon (HFC) mixture of difluoromethane and pentafluroethane 50%-50% by weight, which is mostly used in industries now a days it has many advantages over R-22 it has no ozone layer depletion but has high global warming potential another eco-friendly refrigerant CO2 which is very cheap as compared to R410A which has low ozone layer depletion and low global warming potential.CO2 has high refrigeration capacity up to 4-5 times than R-410A and also has high heat transfer in evaporator and condenser due to high pressure & density. In this work we are calculating the coefficient of performance, refrigeration effect with different refrigerant under different environment condition and made conclusion that either CO2 would we used as a refrigerant or not.

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Publication Date: 01/11/2017
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