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Fuzzy Keyword Search over Data in Cloud Computing




Fuzzy Keyword Search, Cloud Computing, AES, Wildcard, String Matching Algorithm


Cloud computing is on-demanding delivery of computing power, databases storage, application, & other IT resources by the use of cloud services platforms via the internet with pay as you go pricing. Cloud computing provided a simple and easy way to accessing servers, storages, database & a broad set of application services over the Internet / network. A fuzzy search is the process of locating Web pages that're likely to be relevant to a searching arguments even when the arguments doesn’t exactly similar to the desired information. A fuzzy keyword search is done by the means of a fuzzy matching algorithms, which return a list of result based on similar words even though search argument words and spellings may not exactly similar. Exactly and highly relevant matches are appears on the top of the list. A fuzzy keyword search matching program can operates like a spelling checker and spelling-error correctors. For example, if the user types "Misissippi" into Google, a list of hit is returnes along with the questions like, "Did you mean Mississippi?" Alternative spelling, & words that sounds the same but spelled differently, are given. A fuzzy keyword matching programs can compensate for a common input typing errors, as well as errors introduce by optical characters recognition scans of printed document. This program can returns hits with contents that contains a specified based words along with the prefix and suffix. For example, if "planet" is enter as a searching word, hit occur for site contains words such as "protoplanet" or "planetary." This program can also used to find synonyms & related terms, it working as an on-line thesaurus or encyclopaedic cross-references tools. In the Ask Jeevs searching engines, if the word 'galaxy' is entered, hit are returned such as "Galaxy Photography","Milky Way" and "The 9 Planet Solar System". Fuzzy searching can also be used to locate individuals based on incomplete or partially inaccurate identifying information.[1].

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Paper ID: IJSRDV6I20070
Published in: Volume : 6, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2018
Page(s): 69-71

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