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IoT Based Accident Prevention System


Sameer Kasera , Assam Engineering College


IoT, LED, Ultrasonic sensor, Accident Prevention System


In this IoT Based world, a sensor based accident prevention system has been developed to prevent accidents in hilly terrains. This system alerts the driver of the vehicle in one side about the vehicle coming from the opposite side. This is done by keeping an ultrasonic sensor in one side of the road before the curve and keeping a LED light after the curve, so that if vehicle comes from one end of the curve, sensor sense and LED light glows at the opposite side. The same can be done for the other side too. Well the above logical conditions appears to be simple but it will have certain problems in the following random conditions: 1) Once both car cross each other over the U-turn then they pass over the sensor on both the side. Due to this again the LED lights on both the side will turn ON giving a false or useless alarm which must be avoided. 2) What will happen if any one car (even both cars) stops (due to whatever reason) after crossing either of the sensors. The solution to the above problem can be provided by programming the microcontroller in a smart way. We have to install two sensors, two traffic poles (with two LEDs of RED and GREEN colour on each pole) on both the ends of the curve. After the vehicle enters the curve from one end, the red LED on the other end of the curve glows(and the green LED turns OFF) and remains ON unless the sensor in the opposite end of the curve detects the vehicle leaving the curve(turn RED LED OFF and GREEN LED ON).

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Paper ID: IJSRDV7I50190
Published in: Volume : 7, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/08/2019
Page(s): 832-835

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