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Van de Graaff generator


Mr. Amit Mhatre , Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology; Mr.Amit Sharma, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology; Mr.Sidhesh Ambaji, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology; Mr.Jayesh Chaudhari, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology; Prof. Sangeetha Rajagopal, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology


Electrostatic Machine, Van De Graaff Generator, Triboelectric Series and Electrostatic Precipitator


This paper is the practical implementation of the Van de Graaff generator. This paper proposes the design and operation of the high voltage electrostatic dc generation. The principal of this system is to convert the static energy into the high voltage electrical energy. A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic-accelerator which is used in the scientific experiments to produced high voltage in the less time with a high safety factor. The generated charge is used to speed up subatomic particles. It produced very high voltage up to the 5 mega volts. This device is commonly in the physics and high voltage laboratory, to get the high electrostatic charge. it can also be used in radiotherapy and also as a electrostatic precipitator for cleaning the waste gas . This study presents a solution to the problem by proposing a very economical design of Van de Graaff generator. Table top Van de Graaff generators develop over 200,000 Volts and floor models offer up to 1,000,000 Volts of high voltage lightning electrical discharges.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I20829
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 2
Publication Date: 01/05/2020
Page(s): 1151-1153

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