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Design of Self-Healing Flexible Pavement by Helianthus


Prof.D.P.Hipparkar , G.M.Vedak Institute of Technology, Tala; Swarali S. Berde, G.M.Vedak Institute of Technology, Tala; Dhanshree B. Tapkire, G.M.Vedak Institute of Technology, Tala; Kirti Y. Pawar, G.M.Vedak Institute of Technology, Tala; Shreyas M. Thakur, G.M.Vedak Institute of Technology, Tala


Self-healing Asphalt, Viscoelastic Properties, Helianthus


Self-healing technology is a new field within material technology. It represents a revolution in materials engineering and is changing the way that materials behave. Incorporating self-healing technology into the road design process has the potential to transform road construction and maintenance processes by increasing the lifespan of roads and eliminating the need for road maintenance. There are various healing agents such as steel fibres, glass fibres, Nano rubber, Nano clay, etc. these materials are not economically available. Helianthus possesses a mending property that alters the viscosity of the asphalt-based products. Hence this property of Helianthus can be used in the construction of pavements which will have self-healing capabilities. As the asphalt also has the viscoelastic properties, helianthus can accelerate the healing process. The study focuses on various techniques adopted for the suitability of pavement healing. The study also reflects on suggesting a suitable material which can help in achieving the self-healing capabilities within the economy.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I30008
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 3
Publication Date: 01/06/2020
Page(s): 113-115

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