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Implementation of Supercharging on SI Engine using Naturally Rammed Air


Aditya M. Labade , Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala; Smita S. Karpe


Carburetor, Naturally Rammed Air, Supercharging, SI Engine


Supercharger is a device introduced in two wheelers. The leading problem seen in the bikes nowadays is less mileage and high exhaust emissions. This problem can be overcome by the implementation of Supercharger in bikes. The main problem of the carburetor is it supplies more fuel at high speed, which is not at all required. The next problem is that the carburetor contains a venture, which is provided to increase the velocity of the air-fuel mixture, but this ultimately leads to decrease the pressure of the mixture and moreover also decreases the density of the air-fuel mixture. Because of the reduction in the density, the fuel in the combustion chamber does not burn properly and leads to reduce the mileage of the vehicle and also in addition increases the emission to great extent. These two disadvantages lead to reduce the efficiency and increase the emissions. This project aims to solve the inherent drawbacks of simple carburetor by increasing the amount of air supplied to the A/F mixture. We concluded that using supercharging along with biofuel has increased the efficiency of vehicle with reduction in emission.

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Paper ID: COMETP001
Published in: Conference 3 : COMET 2016
Publication Date: 17/01/2016
Page(s): 1-3

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