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Dense City and Search for Sustainability


Nausheen , LJ School of Architecture, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad


Reality Device, Dense City


Delhi, the "most talked" about city. Though it is India's capital but now its condition is no less than an "OVER-SATURATED PIECE OF LAND". Typical cities in India; far away from "sustainability." Now a days Masters in Urban "Planning" and such planning courses are becoming so common but after a particular interval of time the rules set for planning "WEARS" out. We have to keep pace with the accelerated increasing population. We have to be "fast" in "UPDATING" ourselves. "Urban sprawling" is considered as a factor connected against sustainability. But if we use this term for Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi etc.; I would say that there is no space left to "SPRAWL" As there is no space to sprawl, still we find some corner or the other to dump waste. Please give a thought. Let's dump only in one place. Let's segregate the waste into different bins. To develop urbanely, standing isolated and creating "OUTSTANDING" building is not at all cool for the present scenario in our Ahmedabad city. Sharing is caring. "MY NEIGHBOUR LETS CONSTRUCT TOGETHER." Generations and layering. Let's paint the top layer and the base on which we are standing "GREEN". Let's understand what's cool. Moving in a car in Ahmedabad in traffic hours, it would be really funny to observe a scene when a person sitting in BMW will have to wait in his car for hours on the road; behind it on the BRTS route one after other the bus is running. Understand the step government has taken for us. Okay, though BRTS is the main reason for stuck traffic on main roads but even try to understand the good side that it can have. Better if we stop using individual vehicle and start using public transport. Or else be ready to be the second Delhi. Gujarat - hot and dry so why not boil?? The mystery behind.

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Paper ID: HABTP010
Published in: Conference 5 : Habitat Conclave 2016
Publication Date: 21/02/2016
Page(s): 57-59

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