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Computing & Communication - Intelligent Global Tool to Explain Evergreen Technology (C2 - IGT to E2T)


Er. Prashant Saxena , The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala


Computing and Communication, Cloud Computing, Evergreen Technology


Computing and Communication are the field which are inter-related from a time when there was no life on the earth. They are soul mate. In other words Computing and communication are equilibrium for each other and gives the constant result which is known as Technology. When we discuss about Computing, Communication automatically involved in it and it updates itself as we update Computing strategies. Here my aim is to provide you details how these two global tools are evergreen to explain the lifetime technology which we get it from the time of life came into existence on the earth. Computing and Communication can be defined in different ways and in all the description they are very well interconnected. Computing means the use of operations in Computer and Communication means the exchanging of information between two or more systems or sources or materials etc. When these two terms combine it forms a valuable information like how much exchange of information to be done. What restrictions to be done through the use of operations in computer? When these two terms & conditions combine a protocol is set which is basic part of technology. Now a days Computer is not the only way for communication and computing, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches etc. have replaced them. In next decade you can see microscopic digital devices which can be used for the similar purpose. That’s how technology improves when we calculate and communicate the experience at right time. At present, we can simply communicate through your mobile device and even it can be controlled that what to be sent and to whom? This updated version of technology display the relation of Computing and Communication. In the research paper I will discuss and prove how they are most valuable resources for the development of technology and how we can make them as Global tool which can be used by each individual at almost free of cost.

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Paper ID: NCACCP025
Published in: Conference 8 : NCACC-2016
Publication Date: 01/10/2016
Page(s): 81-89

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