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Performance Evaluation of Massive MIMO in terms of capacity


Nikhil Chauhan , L D College of Engineering; NIKHIL CHAUHAN, L D COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING; KIRAN PARMAR, Visiting Professor, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering,


Massive MIMO, very-large MIMO, multi-user MIMO (MU MIMO), BS- Base Station. Channel model


Massive MIMO (also known as large-scale antenna systems, hyper MIMO, full-dimension MIMO and hybrid MIMO) makes a clean break with current practice through the use of a large number of service antennas over active terminals and provide large network capacities in multi-user scenarios. With this, one can measure the channel matrix and compute the achievable rate of the massive MIMO system. The measured channel capacity is linearly increasing with the number of antennas of the base station. The Vandermonde channel model is more realistic to describe the massive MIMO architecture in terms of capacity. By adjusting the range for angle of arrival 'θ' and the base station antenna distance 'd' during the simulation, the Vandermonde channel model capacity also varies.

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Published in: Conference 10 : NCACSET 2017
Publication Date: 06/05/2017
Page(s): 190-194

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