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Reliable Video Streaming In Mobile Adhoc Networks using Enhanced WEAC Protocol




Mobile Adhoc Network, WEAC Protocol, Video Transmission


recent years Mobile adhoc network (MANET) an infrastructureless network has gained popularity and lot of research is being done on different aspects of MANET. Routing protocols in MANET are classified as proactive protocol where in every node maintains routing table which contains information about the network topology even without requiring it and reactive protocol where route is discovered wherever it is needed. The Warning Energy Awareness clusterhead (WEAC) is one of the reactive protocol wherein a mobile node is elected from a set of nominees to act as a temporary base station for a period of time within its zone. In each cluster, a token is used to assign the channel among contending Mobile Terminals (MTs). After one or more transmissions, if the energy level of the base station gets low, then it will give warning to conduct another Election. The advantage of WEAC Protocol is the clusterhead which supports multiple classes of services and also manages to minimize collisions. It adopts well to large networks of mobile station and in non-real time traffic. Video transmission over MANET is very challengeable when compared to other wireless network, due to bandwidth fluctuation, frequency difference, channel fading etc. WEAC protocol is more suitable for video transmission. In this research work, the performance of video transmission through WEAC protocol has been enhanced using different methods. In the first method, Virtual Base Station (VBS) is designed to run on top of the WEAC Protocol to speed up packet delivery and improves throughput. In the second method the WEAC-VBS method is improved through zone routing approach to reduce the time. In the next method Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) mechanism is proposed in the WEAC protocol to reduce the errors. In order to achieve the required quality of service in video transmission, Priority Queuing mechanism is proposed in the WEAC protocol. Compression of data using Huffman code is proposed in the WEAC Protocol to reduce the storage space and to increase the speed of transmission. The performance evaluation of the proposed methods proves the efficiency of the algorithms developed. The significant results obtained in this research work ensures the improvement of WEAC Protocol for video transmission in MANET.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV5I50087
Published in: Volume : 5, Issue : 5
Publication Date: 01/08/2017
Page(s): 115-119

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