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QR Based Attendance Monitoring Application: A Review


Vaishnavi S. Jambhulkar , Govindraw Wanjari College of Engineering and Technology; Nisha Vaidya, Govindraw Wanjari College of Engineering and Technology; Shrutika Nikose, Govindraw Wanjari College of Engineering and Technology; Aarti Dahikar, Govindraw Wanjari College of Engineering and Technology; Pushkar Jane, Govindraw Wanjari College of Engineering and Technology


QR Code, Attendance Monitoring Application


In this world of modern technology smartphones plays a most important role in our life. Nowadays smartphones can solve our most of the problems very quickly and easily. Smartphones are becoming more preferred companies to users than desktops or notebooks. It has made every person's life easier with different social apps, commercial apps, problem solving apps, apps for education and marketing etc. The paper, followed by technology, contrasted a system that would handle a problem to record attendance. Mobile attendance systems are used to reduce the time and effort it takes to attend colleges. Our Research focuses on building a mobile presence system using Android Studio and databases to avoid and prevent a lot of paperwork data loss. The proposed project is a couple of two applications, one for generating the QR Code by providing the student details and make their account in the system and generate their unique QR code for every student and second app for taking attendance and generating the attendance in CSV or XLS sheets. Using the smartphone to speed up the process of attending attendance by university instructors will save lecture time and therefore enhance the educational process. This paper proposes a system that is based on a QR code, which is displayed to students at or at the beginning of each lecture. Students will need to scan the code to confirm their attendance. The paper clarifies the general usage subtleties of the proposed paper. It likewise examines how the paper confirms understudy personality to take out bogus enrollments. The attendance will be marked as 0 and 1, 0 for absent and 1 for present in the database of the particular student row in the table.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV8I120118
Published in: Volume : 8, Issue : 12
Publication Date: 01/03/2021
Page(s): 185-187

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